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my new office downtown Long Leaf is open!

3030 Starkey Blvd. Suite 158, New Port Richey, FL 34655

Call 727-793-7458 for an appointment
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A native of Florida, I was born in Jacksonville and raised in the woods outside the small town of Brooksville.  l have always been someone who loves to express myself creatively.  Growing up I was a dancer, writer, artist, and avid storyteller.  And come to think of it; I am still all those things.  My journey has been an evolution of merging my creative passions with my educational training to create a life that I feel benefits myself, my family, my community and the world well beyond my front door.


My formal education came from Florida State University where I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work in 1996 and my Masters of Social Work in 1997.  I have worked in the mental health field since June of 1997.  From 1997-2002 I worked in hospital crisis psychiatric units, and a child and adolescent residential treatment center.  There I was the elementary age kids therapist for individual and group therapy.  In 2002 I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Since receiving my LCSW I have worked as a psychotherapist in an outpatient private practice setting, and spent a year in the Pinellas County School System as a School Social Worker.


My informal “life” training has come from a variety of sources as I simply follow my passions and see where they will lead!  I am a certified yoga instructor in 3 different yoga styles, and have a personal practice of yoga since 1997.  I am an avid reader of spirituality and ancient wisdom, and much of what I learn I integrate into my work as I strive to pass on this wisdom in a “relevant-to-today” kind of way.  I continue to take classes, workshops and trainings to increase my tools for encouraging and promoting mind-body-spirit healing for my clients.


To feed my own soul I love to run, mountain bike, hike, practice yoga, belly dance, meditate, and create art myself.  I strive to live every activity in my life as an extension of my service on this Earth.  Today I combine all of my passions, my knowledge and my inner wisdom to create my life in a way that it I live and teach Love, Joy, Peace and Service to all of Life.

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